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Business Ownership Protection

A Business Succession Agreement is only as good as the ability to fund the transfer of the outgoing business owner's equity or interest. If at a time of death or disablement the continuing owners can't meet the business equity purchase price then this can have a significant financial impact on the outgoing owner and their family and can force the continuing owner to run the business and share the profits with the disabled owner or their family or sell up.

Business Ownership Insurance supports the Business Succession Agreement by providing the outgoing owner or their family with the required funds for the transfer of equity.

This will achieve two things:

  • ensure the outgoing business owner or their family receives fair value for the transfer of equity; and
  • business continuation, the continuing owners retain control of the business without the challenge of dealing with a disabled owner or their family

Peace of mind for all parties.

Davis Insurance specialises in structuring Business Ownership Insurance Solutions for business owners. If you don't have Business Ownership Insurance and are concerned about protecting your family, call us on 1300 529 123 or email